Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FOTD featuring MAC Crosswires!

If you saw my last blog post you might remember that I have been coveting the MAC Cremesheen lipstick in the shade Crosswires. Last weekend, I was at the mall with my friends, and I finally picked it up! I've had it for about a week now and I'm already in love.

This was my makeup today. I wore the lipstick with a gold glittery eye look. I used some eyeshadows from the Sephora Moonshadow Baked palette. I have to say, the palette's colors are beautiful, but something about the formula just does. not. last. I touched up the colors a bit in this photo because they had mostly worn off after a day of school.

Some of the Products I Used Today
I seriously couldn't be happier with my first MAC purchase. I'm definitely going to consider picking up some of their other products as well! The new Cinderella collection looks gorgeous, but I'm pretty sure it's all sold out already. 

Do you have any MAC lipsticks? Which ones are your favorites?

Friday, March 6, 2015

On Tuesday, I had the displeasure of getting three cavities filled. So awesome, right? The good thing was that I got to miss most of the school day due to the fact that my mouth was numb and I couldn't do some basic things like talk or feel my face...

However, there is another upside! I decided to treat myself with  milkshake and lipstick! What better way than junk food and makeup is there to make someone feel better?

The milkshake was nice, although not the focus of this post. The lipstick I picked out was the Covergirl Colorliscious lipstick in shade 405 Temperess Rose. I had read that the shade 405 was a dupe for MAC Crosswires, which I've had my eye on for a while. However, the posts I saw referencing this actually were talking about the color "Fairytale". So as far as I know, this is not the same shade, but it's still pretty nonetheless! I also got it on sale for $5.49, so I'm okay if I don't get tons of use out of it.

Here is how the color looks on my lips. It is a very bright pink. I definitely like how feels on my lips. The formula is a little patchy in places, but the color is nice. I think it might be the wrong undertone for my skin, because it looks good in some lighting but awful in others. It's definitely not my usual kind of pick, that's for sure, but I think it will serve me well once the weather becomes a little warmer.

I don't love the packaging. The square shape seems kind of bulky to me, but that is not the main issue. The thing I have the biggest problem with is the color of the bullet. In general, I like when lipsticks have the small section of lipstick at the bottom so you can see the color. I also like colorful packaging. The thing that I dislike about this lipstick is how this lipstick puts them together. The different shades of pink next to each other is very off-putting to me, and in my opinion, it looks awkward. I think that this product would benefit from more simplistic outer packaging.

Overall, this lipstick is alright. I'm not sure how much I will see myself using this one, even in the spring and summer. The color is just not very flattering on myself. However, once I blot it off and use it more like a stain, the color looks great! If you're looking for a bright pink to experiment with, definitely pick this one up!

Disclaimer: This review was not sponsored and all opinions are my own.
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